Виктор Агроскин (vvagr) wrote in dot15926,
Виктор Агроскин

.15926 Editor

TechInvestLab.ru made the second public release in .15926 series. The .15926 Editor can be downloaded from http://techinvestlab.ru/dot15926Editor .

The .15926 Editor allows:

1. Browse ISO 15926-2 upper ontology (in three different namespaces: with PCA RDL, RDS/WIP or Part8 URI's).
2. Search and navigate five popular public ISO 15926 SPARQL-endpoints.
3. … or any other ISO 15926 endpoint you like (provided it doesn’t require authorization).
4. Search, navigate and edit popular reference data files distributed publicly, including ISO 15926-4, PCA RDL and ISO 15926-8 templates.
5. ... or any other ISO 15926 files you like.
6. Create your own reference data, project data or templates from scratch.
7. Make conversion of reference and project data from TabLan.15926 Excel tables (.xlsx) to ISO 15926.

Мы выпускаем .15926 Editor - вторую программу в серии .15926 и первый в мире универсальный редактор для всех типов данных ISO 15926.

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