Виктор Агроскин (vvagr) wrote in dot15926,
Виктор Агроскин

.15926 Editor updated

The feature and usability release 0.87 at http://techinvestlab.ru/files/dot15926Editor/dot15926Editor087.rar Some features are really nice, please update!

New in version 0.87:

- Capability to add and edit template instances in preset Tablan.

- Correct visualization of Same As data attribute.

- Data source indication for data items viewed.

- Reload of entities for interrupted SPARQL request.

- Process interruption with window closure (mistake correction capability).

- Capability to access password protected SPARQL endpoints.

- URI dereferencing and web access for data model items and all data items.

- Some usability tips and tricks in documentation.

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